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San Diego's Premier Private DJ Lessons

"...where my mission is to accomplish yours."

~ Greg M.




Mission: DJ began with a simple goal in mind - to provide access to the best DJ instruction that San Diego has to offer. 

DJing usually starts as a hobby but can be transformed into a career quicker than ever via modern day technology and the proper guidance, both of which you will find within Mission: DJ lessons.

Mission: DJ is the pursuit of progressing the art and craft of DJing. It is your goal and it is our mission to help you achieve it. Mission: DJ aims to advance the craft through educating and inspiring those who love all music who want to share it with the world.


Beginner to Advanced Instruction

  • Hardware and Software Orientation

  • Music Discovery and Library Organization

  • Cue Point Setting 

  • Beatmatching

  • Mixing Techniques: Mixing, Blending and Cutting

  • Music Theory: Beat Counting, Song Structure and Phrasing

  • Advanced Techniques: Scratching, Beat Juggling, Etc.

  • Mix Recording and Performance Coaching

  • Much More!

All Ages Welcome!

Teaching Methodology

Progression is always the goal and we can start anywhere. Whether you're brand spankin' new to the art or a battle tested veteran, Mission: DJ's customized lesson plans will drive you to your goals.


DJing is very technical and has many moving parts but fear not - anyone can learn. Everyone learns at different speeds so we'll tackle the skills that you want to learn together, at YOUR pace. 

Students will be provided with a lesson plan as well as notes following their lessons. Occasionally there will be homework but lets be honest, this is homework you'll finally look forward to!






Pioneer DJM-S9

Battle Mixer


Originally form Northern Virginia; Greg is a self-taught, professional DJ/MC with a passion for all types of music. He possesses years of experience with 100's of gigs under his belt, primarily working as an event DJ. He is no stranger to complicated, pressure filled events such as large corporate functions, school dances of 1000+ students, retail events and weddings. 

Greg constantly aims to improve his craft as well as teach others how to do the same. He has taught multiple levels of classes as well as done workshops for all ages. He has taught everyone from a couple in their 80’s to groups of 7 year olds, and everyone in between. Greg DJs under the alias GMRF.

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~ Greg

"I provide my students with professional advice at all times, even outside of their lessons." 

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