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How It All Started...

Mission: DJ is located in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of sunny San Diego, California. Founded in 2017, M:DJ is the product of past endeavors, passion and best practices. The business was founded by a local working DJ, who previously worked as the manager for Pacific Beach's own Fundamentals DJ Academy.

After Fundamentals closed it's book of business in late 2015, Greg wanted to keep the spirit alive along with the fun of teaching. He also wanted to fulfill the ever present demand of aspiring music lovers looking to accomplish their mission of learning how to DJ...and so Mission: DJ was born. 

Private Lessons vs Group Classes

Many group classes and countless private lessons were booked through Fundamentals. Greg analyzed the progression of both students in the group classes as well as private lessons. What he found was that the best approach to learning the art of DJing is through 1 on 1 private instruction. Group classes can suffice - they instill a sense of camaraderie and allow students to learn from their peers in addition to their instructor. However, nothing compares to the individual, undivided attention the student receives in 1 on 1 lessons.  

In private, 1 on 1 lessons, students are able to learn quicker because all of the focus (instructor and student's focus) is on that student's progression, not any one else's. Students can also develop a strong bond with their instructor which translates into more efficient learning and more fun. This is why Greg decided to model Mission: DJ around private instruction rather than group classes. The learning curve is quicker, scheduling is flexible and students are happier.  

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